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Who we are

COVID Safe Campus is a nationwide group of disabled academics and advocates with public health and policy expertise advocating for improved COVID protections and disability inclusion in higher education.

We formed an organization because disabled people like us have been devalued, isolated, and systematically excluded from academia throughout the pandemic.

The absence of sufficient and meaningful campus-wide COVID mitigation strategies and policies that center the highest risk members of our community and remote accommodations puts our lives at risk, does not afford disabled people equal educational and employment opportunities.

We founded COVID Safe Campus in January 2022 after advocating for our safety and right to education on our own and no one should have to carry the weight of this advocacy by themselves.​

Now, we're here to unite high risk and disabled academics and advocates across the nation.

Our Mission

To build a movement around advocating for improved COVID protections and disability inclusion in higher education.

Our Team

Co-founded by Eiryn Griest Schwartzman and Annesley Clark

Executive Director

Eiryn Griest Schwartzman, CHES®

(they, them, theirs)


Eiryn is the founding Executive Director of COVID Safe Campus and serves as the organization's lead public health organizer. In this role they use their expertise in health and education policy to lead advocacy initiatives, research, and coalition building efforts for CSC. They recently graduated with a B.A. in Public Health and specialize in population health, ethics, and building solidarity with disability justice in public health practice.

Lead Community Organizer

Kris Jayme Matas

(they, them, theirs) 

Kris is the Lead Community Organizer at COVID Safe Campus and provides leadership on research projects for the organization. They are a Masters in Library and Information Sciences student at San Jose State University and recently graduated with a B.S. in Community and Regional Development. Kris is a researcher specializing in public health, disability advocacy, and education accessibility.

Lead Legal Organizer

Courtney Bergan

(they, them, theirs)

Courtney Bergan is the Lead Legal Organizer at COVID Safe Campus. They are a Third-year JD student specializing in Health Law, with a professional background in research and biostatistics. Courtney is also a passionate health policy advocate working to promote disability justice, mental health abolition and transformative justice initiatives.

Let’s Work Together

For all inquiries related to press, partnerships, and donations please contact our Executive Director at:

For general inquiries, campus ambassador applications, volunteering, or questions about our programs, please contact our general email at:

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