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Logo featuring a plain white outline of the Sars-Cov2 spike protein floating above our name, COVID Safe Campus

Hello from CSC!

COVID Safe Campus is a disability-led community organizing project advocating for improved COVID safety measures, accessibility, and disability inclusion in academic institutions – because disabled people like us have been devalued, isolated, and systematically excluded from academia throughout the pandemic.

The absence of sufficient and meaningful campus-wide COVID mitigation strategies and policies that center the highest risk members of our community and remote accommodations puts our health and our lives are at stake.

We founded COVID Safe Campus after advocating for our safety and right to education on our own and no one should have to carry the weight of this work by themselves.

Now, we're here to unite high risk and disabled academic advocates across the nation.

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Our Mission

COVID Safe Campus is committed to bringing visibility to the unmet needs of disabled and high risk students, faculty, and staff. We are collecting data on the high risk and disabled academic experience during the pandemic, developing resources and advocacy strategies, connecting with advocates across the nation, and building a coalition to support them.


Through our survey and the community outreach we have conducted thus far it has become clearer than ever that there is a need for more collective organizing around this issue – the overwhelming majority of our respondents have had their accommodations denied and calls for safety ignored despite their best efforts.

Our community urgently needs more organizing power and support to advocate for accommodations and institutional changes in safety plans.

Our Team

Co-founded by Eiryn Griest Schwartzman and Annesley Clark

Director and Public Health Organizer:

Eiryn Griest Schwartzman (they, them, theirs)

​​- Recent public health grad and program analyst specializing in disability justice and rights-based public health practice, health education, population health, and education activism.


Researcher and Vice Director of Outreach

Kris Jayme Matas (they/them/theirs) 

- Graduating community development major, and student researcher specializing in public health, disability advocacy, and education accessibility.

Legal Organizer:

Annesley Clark (they/them/theirs)

- Current law student specializing in disability and accommodations in the employment sphere with a background in gender studies, disability theory, health ethics

CSC is currently seeking volunteers and organizations to join our coalition and collaborate with us!


If interested, fill out our get involved form or reach out via:

Twitter DM @COVIDSafeCampus


Meeting Request Form: Click here! 

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