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COVID Safe Campus Policy & Regulatory Recommendations

Policy priorities

COVID Safe Campus advocates for policies that promote equity in education and public health on institutional, local, and U.S. national levels.

This page summarizes our policy priorities and public actions we've taken so far.

Check out our work on policy and regulatory issues:

Table of contents

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Institutional level policies

  • COVID mitigation best practices

    • Universal mask requirements​

    • Free and easy to access resources: high filtration masks, PCR and rapid tests, vaccinations, treatment, etc

    • Higher standards for ventilation, air filtration

    • Synchronous hybrid-remote inclusion

    • Transparency of COVID data and decision-making

  • Autonomy to require masks, to offer hybrid/remote courses and work, and to wear a mask​

    • Opposing bans related to masks and hybrid/remote courses and work

    • Guaranteeing the right to request that others mask, to switch classes/meetings to hybrid, and to participate remotely

    • Protecting the right to wear a mask

  • Safer conferences

    • Mask and test requirements, symptom screening, h​ybrid/remote access for both attendees and presenters.

We also stand in solidarity with union members across the country advocating for fair labor practices, living wages, healthcare coverage, academic freedom, and demands in pursuit of disability justice and rights, racial justice, support for trans and queer folks, etc.

Federal (U.S.): Improving Section 504 regulations

We submitted public comment to the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights regarding their request for suggestions for improvements to regulations at 34 C.F.R. pt. 104, implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

Public comment: August 17, 2022

Topics addressed:

  • Definitions: Changes and clarifications

  • Hybrid and remote learning are crucial to educational equity

  • Disability accommodations process

  • Auxiliary aids

  • Public health measures are disability access and equity

Addendum to public comment: April 1, 2023

Topics addressed:

  • School bans of certain disability accommodations

  • Retaliation in response to accommodation needs

  • Conflicting access needs

  • Excessive documentation requirements

  • Accommodations for course assessments

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