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Higher Education COVID Policy Tracker

The pandemic is not over. Layered COVID mitigation strategies must be in place in order to protect the health of our communities and provide equitable educational and employment opportunities to disabled and chronically ill people.

COVID Safe Campus is tracking COVID policies at the top colleges and universities across the United States through our Higher Education COVID Policy Database.

In our most recent releases of COVID policy data for the 2022-2023 school year, we reviewed the U.S. News Top 50 Best National Universities and Top 50 Best Public Health Schools, the Ivy League, and the Big 10.


This is the eleventh edition of our database, detailing changes from mid-September through the end of June 2023. All schools that recently changed policies are highlighted in the date column, an in depth breakdown of these changes can be found in our change-log and stats tabs. Check back for monthly updates!

We call upon institutions to implement more equitable and science-based COVID policies that protect community health and promote disability inclusion in higher education.

Illustration of an N95 mask, rapid antigen tests, a vaccine syringe, and a computer

Current Policy Tracking Research Team:

  • Eiryn Griest Schwartzman - lead investigator, conceptualization, data collection, formal analysis, visualization

  • Courtney Bergan - conceptualization, data collection, formal analysis 

  • Kris Jayme Matas - conceptualization, data collection, formal analysis 

  • Ezra S. - data collection (2022-present)

  • Sara Simon - data collection and analysis (2022-present)

  • Hazel Anderson - data collection (2022-present)

  • Tenley Nordstrom - data collection (2023-present)

  • Claire Wang - data collection and analysis (2023-present)

  • Abigail Thomas - data collection and analysis (2023-present)

  • M.H. - data collection and analysis (2023-present)

  • Olivia Billis - data collection (2023-present)

  • Margaret Dick - data collection (2023-present)

  • Kaitlin E. Sundling - data collection (2023-present)

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