Higher Ed COVID Policy Report Card

COVID Safe Campus released the Higher Education COVID Policy Report Card in April 2022 to provide students with the essential COVID policy transparency they need to make informed decisions for National College Decision Day and beyond.

Illustration of an N95 mask, rapid antigen tests, a vaccine syringe, and a computer

Over the course of the Spring 2022 semester we saw many universities end COVID protections on their campuses, putting the entire community at risk and further excluding disabled and high risk people from academia.


As new variants emerge it is urgent that we call upon institutions to restore science-based, disability inclusive COVID policies and protections both transparently, and strongly enforced.


Our goal is to grade the policies of as many colleges and universities as we can reach in order to provide the most comprehensive data and comparisons. More schools will be listed as we receive reports and review their policies.


Note: the Spring 2022 report card was last updated at the end of April.

Stay tuned for Fall 2022 updates soon.

Our inaugural report card focused on the student population and 4 key policy areas: mask requirements, test requirements, vaccine requirements, and remote-hybrid options. We continue to monitor a variety of COVID policies including:

  • Mask mandates

  • Test requirements

  • Vaccine mandates

  • Remote and hybrid options

  • Transparency

  • Quarantine and Isolation

  • Ventilation

  • Flexible attendence

  • Policy enforcement

  • Banned or discouraged policies

  • Access to PPE and testing

  • & More

To learn more about our methods, grading scheme, and how to use this data – view our guide here