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COVID Education & Resources

Disability Justice

  • Gatherings:

    • Practicing Inclusion in the Time of COVID — Strategies for High Impact (S4HI) 

    • long winter crip survival guide for pandemic year 4/ forever 



Socializing when COVID-conscious





COVID-Specific Disability Justice Readings



COVID-specific Advocacy Resources


General list of COVID orgs in US and Canada




COVID Safety When Gathering





COVID Infection

Advocacy care strategies in pandemic times

  • During this mass-traumatizing event we are all experiencing, it is important to hold space for the ways that participating in advocacy can bring up trauma and take a toll on us - and also -participating in advocacy can also be healing or a form of care itself. Some strategies to practice care for each other include:​​

  • Community can also be for support, a space to vent, celebrate wins, and even a space for joy. In isolating times it is radical to create intentional spaces where we can enjoy each others company in accessible ways, you can grow friendships with people that value COVID safety like you do, you could host a virtual game night, meet up with other COVID-cognizant people outdoors and masked, have a virtual hangout on Zoom, lots of creative ideas. With-ness is powerful in itself.

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