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COVID Safe Campus in the news

Through our advocacy, research, and policy work COVID Safe Campus is building momentum across campuses nationwide as we organize for COVID safety in higher education, healthcare, and our communities at large.

For press and media inquiries, please contact:

Eiryn Griest Schwartzman, Executive Director 


Latest coverage:

"In May, COVID Safe Campus — which tracks mask policies in university-affiliated hospitals and health systems, according to its website — and COVID Advocacy Initiative/Mandate Masks US organized a week in May to advocate for keeping masks in healthcare settings."
By Paige Twenter | August 1st, 2023
Becker's Clinical Leadership
Keep Masks At Hopkins Protest 01-3.jpg

"Last January, Griest Schwartzman started COVID Safe Campus, a group that advocates for increased COVID protections in higher education and other institutions and tracks masking policies at hospitals and universities across the country.

More recently, they’ve been working with members of a new group — COVID Safe Maryland — to urge hospitals to change their policies. Advocates fear the roll back of mask rules will lead to more people catching the virus, being hospitalized or dying from it, and developing long-term complications from the disease."

By Angela Roberts | May 17, 2023
The Baltimore Sun
"Too much coverage minimizes the health risks researchers attribute to the virus"
By Kendra Pierre-Louis | April 12, 2023
Nieman Reports
Chronicle Illustration of images from COVID Safe Campus webpages


"When the University of Maryland at Baltimore’s law school resumed instruction online, along with many other American colleges, in the fall of 2020, Courtney A. Bergan had a momentous realization. It was the first time in their academic career that they had experienced meaningful inclusion."
By Sylvia Goodman | September 2, 2022
The Chronicle of Higher Education
"COVID-19 masking policies for fall are all over the place. Disability advocates worry about what it all means for diversity and inclusion, though U of Pittsburgh has negotiated a new way to accommodate high-risk faculty members."
By Colleen Flaherty | August 29, 2022
Inside Higher Ed
"With the lethal threat of COVID-19 on the decline, many colleges are relaxing policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Disability advocates fear that high-risk individuals will suffer."
By Josh Moody | April 29, 2022
Inside Higher Ed
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