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Check out COVID Safe Campus' main initiatives!


Our work extends far beyond this list, through our community engagement, capacity building, coalition involvement, and social media advocacy.

COVID Safe Campus Ambassador Program

New for 2023! COVID Safe Campus is pleased to announce the creation of our Campus Ambassador Program to support student-led COVID safety and disability advocacy initiatives. Through the Campus Ambassador Program, CSC will provide student advocates resources to foster community care, effective peer health education, and disability-led advocacy.

COVID Safe Campus Ambassadors logo

Higher Education COVID Policy Tracker

The Higher Education COVID Policy Tracker is database of COVID policies at the top colleges and universities across the United States. In this ongoing effort, we are tracking policies from the U.S. News Best National Universities and Public Health Schools, the Big 10 Conference, the Ivy League, and more. 

Through this database, we illustrate the current landscape of COVID policy in academia, identify the leading schools taking action to make campus safer, and provide a resource that can be used by advocates and researchers alike.

Screenshot of COVID Safe Campus Higher Education COVID Policy Tracker Database

COVID Policy Report Card

The Higher Education COVID Policy Report Card was an initiative to track and compare COVID policies at colleges and universities across the United States in April 2022.

The report card identified opportunities for growth in campus policy and revealed the ways our campus communities are under-protected from the ongoing threat of COVID-19. 

A screenshot of the COVID Safe Campus report card spreadsheet depicting four columns, representing mask mandates, test mandates, vaccine mandates, and remote options. Under each column is a row of letter grades. The mask column has an F, C+, B, and 3 more Fs. The test mandate column has a D-, C+, C, F, and 2 more Cs, the vaccine mandate column has 5 A+ grades and 1 C+, the remote options column has 5 Fs and a D grade. This image links to the full report card when clicked.

COVID Safe Graduation Toolkit

As Spring 2022 semester came to a close, we created the COVID Safe Graduation Toolkit to provide guidance on best practices for COVID mitigation, disability access and inclusion, meaningful inclusion in hybrid events, and alternative options to celebrate.


With this, we authored an advocacy letter regarding reasonable accommodations and modifications to graduation ceremonies related to high risk disabilities during the pandemic.

Illustration of a black graduation cap with a yellow tassel on a teal blue background

The COVID Safe Campus Survey

At the start of the Spring 2022 semester, CSC conducted a needs assessment to gather the concerns, demands, advocacy experiences, and unmet needs of disabled and high risk students, faculty, and staff.

A white and yellow flyer with the headline: "Campus Advocacy and COVID" with the logo for Covid Safe Campus off to the right. The following text reads "Individual advocacy for improvements in policy, disability inclusion, and accessibility is not enough. Only 3.4% of survey respondents were able to get the remote accommodations they advocated for. Only 7.5% of survey respondents reported success in their advocacy for better COVID policy on campus. Preliminary results from COVID Safe Campus Survey as of March 2, 2022."

COVID Safe Campus Best Practices

In February 2022 we released our universal list of best practices for COVID safety and disability justice on college campuses. The list was adapted directly from our needs assessment data, feedback through community outreach, and literature on COVID mitigation strategies.

This document serves as a list of best practices for academic institutions to follow to better serve high risk and disabled academics.

Illustration of a clipboard with a checklist and a blue pencil checking off two boxes
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